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About Me

My name is Arhan Chhabra. I'm 15, from Hong Kong, and go to a boarding school in the US.


Last year, during the summer, I decided to tutor English to a group of bright yet economically disadvantaged students from a village in India. Though the experience was rewarding for both parties, I wanted to make a bigger impact, so I started Project AppVidya. You can read more about it here, but essentially the project provides digital learning tools to students who show potential but lack resources. I named it AppVidya because I provided "Apps" for "Vidya," which is the Sanskrit word for knowledge.


Now, in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic, I am temporarily pivoting my project to CoVidya, named after "Covid" and "Vidya." I hope to support the education of those who may feel the impact of social distancing on their education the most with the help of those willing to donate just a bit of time.

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